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Some people argue that school uniforms should be done away while others argue that school uniforms are beneficial and should be embraced. Most parents believe that the schools…
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Public School Uniforms Rough Draft
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Download file to see previous pages Normally, public schools have the freedom of letting their students dress based on their preferences, or else provide them with school uniforms. Despite pros and cons expressed regarding school uniforms, I personally support the idea that the benefits far outstrip the damages. In my opinion, wearing school uniforms should not be just considered as a habit, but should be perceived as an important component in schooling for obvious reasons such as academic improvement and promotion of student behavior.
As the name implies, school uniforms promote uniformity in schools. With this regard, a sense of pride is promoted as uniforms promote a sense of uniqueness. Just as students represent the school, school uniforms are extremely important as they also represent the school. The current trends in school uniforms began in 1987 with the first school in Baltimore becoming the first to adopt the trend. This was followed by implementation of a mandatory policy across the district in 1994. The two events happened alongside State of Union in 1996 delivered by Bill Clinton where he encouraged that school uniforms helped in enhancing security. However, this review focusses on effectiveness of school uniforms in enhancing behavior and achievement in public schools.
Uniforms play a critical role in promoting academic achievement. Research shows that elementary schools from both urban and rural districts demonstrates improved academic achievement rated in terms of graduation versus suspension and attendance rather than expulsion and academic proficiency rates. In view of this, most researchers concur that the policies on school uniforms contribute largely to the achievement of the student, especially when they become part of a comprehensive reform plan of the school.
In United States, the interest in school uniforms grew during Clintons era after their fellow students discriminated some Columbine students for wearing dark colored clothes making them become social outcasts in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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