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In the previous years, the attempts by the government to privatize water has not only faced lots of opposition claims, but also has led to various confrontations with the concerned stakeholders. Some arguments are of the…
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Water privatization
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Download file to see previous pages This is from the verity that the utilities of water provision will be of high quality and the investment in this sector will increase; thus, more access to water services. An analysis of the positives and cons of this aspect, therefore, needs to be analyzed so as to understand the issue in detail.
Evidently, water privatization is a very crucial issue. A lot of concern needs to be taken prior to coming with a lasting conclusion on this issue. In an attempt to highlight the water privatization question, it is vital to evaluate on the question of access and availability of water to all persons especially on persons of low income. If these water access and availability are left out, a lot of concerns will definitely be raised in the water sector. I take the stand that water needs not be privatized. So as to support this stand, focus will be shed on the quality of water and privatization, costs of privatized water, the divided interests in water privatization, how expensive privatization is, the loss of public control of privatized water from the locals and the fact that privatization may be permanent and irrevocable. These evidences will outdo the aspect that water should be privatized, simply because privatization has been seen to produce quality services, water privatization is an urbanization move, privatization of water saves lives and privatization also creates economies of scale.
Privatization of water will automatically undermine the quality of water. As seen in the research conducted by Shiva, the motive of acquiring more profits in the water industry will outdo the need to serve the public; thus, water needs not be privatized (35). A closer analysis of this fact means that the wellbeing of the public will be put at danger and the profits will be considered. Barraqué states that the move to control water, a key resource, has indeed created a huge ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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