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The man wore a gray suit and the woman wore a floral dress with the man saying “ahmm… Its just the good half”. Then the scene changed location to an upscale are where the man and the woman was…
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Police Report
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Teacher The scene opened with a man and a woman wearing different set of clothing. The man wore a gray suit and the woman wore a floral dress with the man saying “ahmm… Its just the good half”. Then the scene changed location to an upscale are where the man and the woman was wearing a black suit and a black dress suited for the occasion. It looked like the man parked his car and gave tip to an attendant. They then crossed the street with the man holding the hip of the woman who looks like his fiancée or wife. There was a long line of people waiting to get in in what looks like to be a bar named “Copacabana”. But instead of lining up, they went to an alley right in the middle of the line and went inside it. There was a stair leading below and opened a steel door casually. The man was greeted with a guard who was dressed in a suit. The wall had a green floral design and they were greeted cordially by the guard in suit whom the man responded by giving him a tip and greeting him “how are you doing”. They seem to know each other and the man seem to be a frequent customer of the area.
The place is dimly lit and looks reddish where they were met by another guard in suit who was eating a burger. The man gave him another tip and they get inside another door. They were met by a man who appears to be a waiter in red suit. They proceeded in the alley where there were scores of men who were dressed like waiters. The man again greeted them cordially and gave pleasantries indicating familiarity of the place. The man opened another door which appears to be a kitchen of a restaurant or club. Again the man seems to be familiar with the people inside who this time were cooks and chef. Until finally, they came in a place which appears to be a club. The man was eagerly met by somebody important in the club and he was called “Anthony, nice to see you while shaking his hand”. The person who received them called the waiters who quickly assembled table for them. Anthony talked to the people around shaking hands with them and exchanging pleasantries. The woman looked amused. He finally sat and the woman was amused that they gave them a suit. The pleasantries continued because another group of men who appears to be important greeted him across the table and raised their glass. The woman who was the date of the man asked “what do you do?” Anthony replied” I am in construction”. Anthony replied “You don’t look like you are in construction”. Their conversation was interrupted by the drum rolls in the background with the introduction “Now ladies and gentlemen, the Copacabana”. Then came applause with the man standing on the stage and said “How are you I’m glad to be here, take my life please”. Read More
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