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Crime Scene Specialist - Research Paper Example

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There are witnesses subject to a variety of influences, including faulty memory and other senses. The subjective activities of both the police and those who may be affected by the crime can…
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Crime Scene Specialist
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Download file to see previous pages In today’s world of criminal investigations, particularly violent crimes, solid methods are essential in the collection of evidence at a crime scene. It is in this atmosphere that “The Crime Scene Specialist [CSS] maintains an impartial and neutral approach to the evidence collection process and crime scene investigation, regardless of the final outcome of the investigation” (Indy Gov website, 2009, para. 2). 
The importance of the role of the CSS can not be overemphasized. “Proper evidence collection, documentation, preservation, packaging and analysis are an integral part in the functioning of the crime lab” (Indy Gov, 2009, para. 2), which will eventually assess the evidence collected. If the CSS does not do their job properly, evidence then can not be effectively processed and faulty conclusions by forensic specialists will likely occur, leading to the “unsuccessful prosecution of cases” (Indy Gov, 2009, para. 2).
Gleaned from a job posting (2008) for Crime Scene Specialist, a summary of requirements and expectations are varied and dependent upon educational levels and other factors. Expectations involve investigative support by way of evidence collection for local, state and sometimes federal law enforcement at major crime scenes such as homicides, suicides, sexual assaults etc. Depending upon the expertise and knowledge of the CSS, the specialist may provide in-court testimony for the prosecution as often depicted on the television program, CSI. In the show the characters are both CSS and forensic experts, not only collecting evidence at the crime scene but performing much of the forensic lab testing as well. Salaries for CSS positions generally range from $30,000 to $75,000, depending upon experience and levels of educational. (Crime Scene Specialist, 2008, para. 1-2)
The CSS uses varied skills to document a crime scene including videography, photography, bloodstain pattern analysis, diagrams, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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