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The more information you absorb about the world, the more capable you are of understanding its complexities.
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Creating an APA-Formatted Reference and In-Text Citation
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Extract of sample "Creating an APA-Formatted Reference and In-Text Citation"

of Phoenix Material Creating an APA-Formatted Reference and In-Text Citation Create a reference and in-text citation consistent with APA guidelines for each of the following resources:
1. Book with two authors
Authors: M. Neil Browne and Stuart M. Keeley
Year of publication: 2000
Title of book: Critical Thinking: Asking the Right Questions
City of publication: Upper Saddle River, NJ
Publisher: Pearson
Your answer:
Browne, N., & Kelley, S. (2000). Critical Thinking: Asking the Right Questions. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. (Browne, 2000)
1b. Paraphrase the following direct quote and create a standard-formatted in-text citation using the previous book information:
One approach to thinking is similar to the way in which a sponge reacts to water: by absorbing. The more information you absorb about the world, the more capable you are of understanding its complexities.
Your answer:
There are many different approaches to a process of thinking and in one of such, process of thinking is compared to the reaction of sponge to water. It absorbes water very quickly. The same with people , more knowledge they absorb about the world, the more their capability of understanding of it features and main complexities
Create a reference and in-text citation consistent with APA guidelines for each of the following resources:
2. Journal article (magazine or newspaper)
Author: Toni Rogers
Date of publication: December 2004
Title of article: “Towards Conscious Self-Directed Learning”
Title of publication: Human Resources Magazine
Volume number: 9
Issue Number: 3
Page numbers: 22–27
Your Answer:
Rogers, T. Towards Conscious Self-Directed Learning. Human Resources Magazine, 9, 22-27.
2b. Format the following direct quote as an in-text citation. Include a standard-formatted citation for the direct quote:
The learner, leader, and environment play separate and distinct roles in the learning process.
Your answer:
The learner, leader, and environment play separate and distinct roles in the learning process. (Rogers)
Create a reference and in-text citation consistent with APA guidelines for each of the following resources:
3. Electronic document (stand-alone document from a website, no author identified, and no date)
Title of article: “A Short Guide on Leadership Traits”
Date of publication: None listed
Date retrieved: May 24, 2007
Name of Website: Legacee Management Systems
Website address (URL):
3b. Paraphrase the following direct quote and create a standard-formatted in-text citation.
In psychology, a trait is a stable characteristic—potentially lasting throughout one’s entire life.
Your answer:
A Short Guide on Leadership Traits. (n.d.). . Retrieved May 24, 2007, from
A trait, being a term of psycholohy, means stable humans’ characteristic. And it is stable through all person’s life. It lasts forever. (A Short Guide on Leadership Traits) Read More
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