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This paper illustrates how Alexie applies common techniques in both his literary and film works. Sherman Alexie, born October 7, 1966, is a film maker, writer and poet. His literary work draws experiences mostly from his Native American experience plus his ancestry of many tribes…
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Alexies Literary and Film Technique: Characcterization
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Lecturer Alexie’s Literary and Film Technique: Characcterization Sherman Alexie, born October 7, 1966, is a film maker, and poet. His literary work draws experiences mostly from his Native American experience plus his ancestry of many tribes. He grew up in Spokane Indian Reservation, and presently he stays in Seattle, Washington. His best known literary work is The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (1993). Also, his best film work is the Smoke Signals (1998). This paper illustrates how Alexie applies common techniques in both his literary and film works.
Characyterization in; The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven (1993)
This literary work comprises a collection of interrelated short stories. The author illustrates various aspects of the characters in the literary work. The main character is Victor Joseph. In the short story Every Little Hurricane, Victor remembers the challenges and hardships he faced during his childhood. This is especially during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, when he was nine, at his parents’ home in Spokane Reservation. In the Short story Amusements, Victor remembers the trip he made with his friends, Dirty Joe and Sady, to the carnival. This was in an attempt to participate in the pleasures of the white man, and forget their Indian identity (Alex b 183).
Characterization in Smoke Signals (1998)
This film story revolves around two main characters, Victor Joseph and Thomas Builds. Victor is illustrated as an angry young person, who likes playing basketball. Thomas is represented as an eccentric and effective story teller. Arnold, Victor’s father brings the two characters together; when he rescued Thomas as a child, from the fire that killed his father and mother. Victor regards his father both positively, with deep love, and negatively, with bitter resentment. Victor does not like certain aspects of his father; for example, alcoholism and domestic violence. Victor and Thomas grow up together as both acquaintances and neighbors (Alexie a 63).
Sherman Alexie is a founding member of the Longhouse Media (2005) which is a not for profit organization, committed to imparting film skills to the youths of Native American origin, and to apply media for positive social change and cultural expression.
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