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Richard Wright: Native Son - Essay Example

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I have killed two women and declare about those crimes to all of you. I am a murder and it is inevitable now. I do commit this misdeeds, and now I feel regret about it.
The matter is that I am a Negro, and those people are regarded as…
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Richard Wright: Native Son
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Extract of sample "Richard Wright: Native Son"

Download file to see previous pages Dalton. That has been his daughter whom I have killed.
This proceeding remains to be fully unintentional. Moreover, I confess that it is happened because of prejudices that white people always have in accordance to Negroes. In that very moment I have been afraid of Mrs. Dalton who can notice me in the room of her lovely daughter. Still, I must admit that I feel delight and “sees it as a defiance of the white people” who have made me so miserable (Gallantz and Bromberg, 11). I hate the white race, and recognize them as complacent and haughty people.
As for the second murder, it is considered to be my girlfriend Bessie Mears. I have told her everything about last night and have intentions to protect her in such a way. Otherwise, police will take her and she will suffer because of my mistake. My decision has been to deprive her from such fate.
My punishment is hard and rigid, but my crimes are also cruel and ruthless. What I want to notice is that white people should also feel guilt for those proceedings because they are enforced me to commit them.
I have been drunk in that night; moreover I have taken the driver by deception. I have told my parents that I have a meeting at the university, but I have drive to my boyfriend by whom my parents are not very pleased. The matter is that Jan is a communist and his political views diverge from my father’s ones.
However, we have shown a nice attitude to Bigger. We have tried to talk with him and call him to communicate with our friends. He has seemed frightened because of our actions, but we have drunk a lot, and have not thought about his feelings and comfort in this very moment.
I must admit that in the process of his murdering me I have gave him a signs that I cannot breathe, but he has not stopped. I understand that Bigger has been afraid of punishment for being with me in my room, and I know that he has not wanted my mother to recognize him. Still, how he could dare to deprive me life ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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