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Accounting Career Problem - Research Paper Example

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Failure of an account to undertake their responsibilities diligently might in fact lead to the failure of the whole business organization. This implies that the accounting career has allot of…
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Accounting Career Problem
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Download file to see previous pages However, the thing is that having a career in accounting does not only come with advantages. The career also has some challenges. One of the most common challenges faced by accountants in their careers is the challenge of coping with pressure from organizations’ management to create balance sheets and financial statements that can cope with the current high rate of competition in various industries and anger for success. This paper aims at discussing pressure from management as a challenge commonly faced by accountants.
Being an accountant, there are always many ethical issues that are always surrounding everything that you do. Many business managers are usually willing to do anything so that they might emerge as successful. As a result, there are always some stress and pressure that is placed on accountings when it comes to their responsibilities of creation of financial statements and balance sheets. Accountants are always expected to give a true and clear report on an organization’s profit, liabilities and assets. It is always a challenge in making sure that that record on a company’s profit, assets, and liabilities even in situations that the true records might not be very good in terms of the success of the business organization (Woolf & Hindson, 2013). The situation is always further amplified if the mangers involved insist that the records should be altered so that they can serve the interests of the business organization.
In such a situation an accountant will find themselves having the dilemma to choose between following the ethical standards expected of them as accountants and altering the records in order to please their employers. If they choose to alter the records they might end up losing their credibility if in any case it is realized that they had involved in unethical conducts. On the other side if they decide to go against the will of the managers and deal with the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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