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The article titled “Aluminium content of some processed foods, raw materials and food additives in China by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry” by Deng et al. is very valuable for the research as it provides important information about Aluminum. Being an…
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Summarizing the information
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Article summary The article d “Aluminium content of some processed foods, raw materials and food additives inChina by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry” by Deng et al. is very valuable for the research as it provides important information about Aluminum. Being an omnipresent element, aluminium is widely discussed and researched by different investigators due to the much controversy around it. The controversy is caused by the lack of information about the character of influence aluminium imposes on biological systems. A number of investigations recognized aluminium as rather toxic for human organism and declared that it can cause damage to liver and nervous systems.
The study described in the article analyzed 178 food samples in China. “Some processed foods contained a concentration of up to1226 mg/kg, which is about 12 times the Chinese food standard” (Deng et al 248). Food additives and raw materials were investigated and it was revealed that row materials contained low concentration of the element under consideration. High concentration of aluminium was found in food additives that amounted to 0.005–57.4 g/kg. It was revealed that the amount of food additive greatly affected the concentration of the element in food. The type of additives also plays a very important role as some of them contain more aluminium. Basing on the results the researchers came to the conclusion those additives, which contain much aluminium should not be applied and it is necessary to replace them with additives, which contain less aluminium. The article is very useful for the research as it provides valuable data on the concentration of aluminium in food.

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Deng et al. Aluminium content of some processed foods, raw materials and food additives in China by inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry. Taylor & Francis, 2011 Read More
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Summarizing the Information Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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