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In retrospect, one understands that the women did not share the evidence they discovered that could provide a possible motive for the murder…
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Judge Women’s Actions al Affiliation Judge Women’s Actions Do you approve or not of the women’s actions withholding evidence?
One does not approve of the women’s actions withholding evidence since these actions are contrary to ethical, moral and legal standards. In retrospect, one understands that the women did not share the evidence they discovered that could provide a possible motive for the murder for the reason that they must have empathized with Mrs. Wright and rationalized that she was similarly a victim in the situation. However, these women were reacting based on the emotional perspectives more than judicial standards. It is as if they withheld the evidence to protect Mrs. Wright, a member of the same gender as theirs – who they could perceive was a victim of circumstances from the male gender, in general. As noted in the play, “I might have known she needed help! I know how things can be—for women” (Glaspell, 1916, p. 1).
Further, the women could have justified the action of Mrs. Wright that murdering her husband must have been a product of years of solitary confinement and loneliness and where her life could end up just like the canary that was unmercifully killed by her husband. Mrs. Hale was revealed to have said: “If thered been years and years of nothing, then a bird to sing to you, it would be awful—still, after the bird was still” (Glaspell, 1916, p. 1). To them, Mr. Wright got what he deserved for killing what Mrs. Wright was before they were married: her jovial nature and her love for singing. Mrs. Hale affirmed this when she said: “Wright wouldnt like the bird—a thing that sang. She used to sing. He killed that, too” (Glaspell, 1916, p. 1).
How do you respond to the actions of the women collecting things for Mrs. Wright when they find the dead canary? Would you want to report them for withholding evidence? Why or why not?
Collecting the selected things for Mrs. Wright evidently proves that they sympathize and empathize with her condition. One should definitely report them for withholding evidence because even if Mrs. Wright was a victim, herself, in this situation, the killing of her husband is not justified for the solitary confinement and loneliness felt from their marital union. They should have reported all the evidences to the investigation team and leave the matter to judicial process to determine the legal consequences of Mrs. Wright’s actions.
Glaspell, S. (1916). Trifles. Retrieved from Read More
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