Reflection paper on the film awakenings with Robin Williams - Essay Example

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The viral epidemic encephalitis disease is also known as sleeping sickness. The disease occurred between 1915 and 1926. People who survived the disease showed long term apathy. The pivotal reason…
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Reflection paper on the film awakenings with Robin Williams
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Question The film Awakening depicts the victims of a disease d encephalitis lethargica. The viral epidemic encephalitis disease is also known as sleeping sickness. The disease occurred between 1915 and 1926. People who survived the disease showed long term apathy. The pivotal reason behind the brain damage of “frozen” people was due to long term boredom and apathy. The dangerous muscular weakness and paralysis of eye muscles are the negative outcome of the disease. Unresponsive condition of the “frozen” people was caused by encephalitis. This later leads to brain damage.
Question 2
One of the symptoms of encephalitis lethargica is double vision. A
+complete visual field has been offered by Dr. Sayer by painting the floor tiles. Lucy Fishman was one of the victims of the dangerous disease. The key objective of the doctor was to move Lucy from her bed to the window. The double vision symptom of the disease enables victims to create an instantaneous perception of dual images of a solitary object (Young 181). Visual field of the floor tiles has created two visions that helped Lucy to gently stride near the window.
Question 3
Music is pivotal therapy for patients to nullify the outcome of the disease. Encephalitis lethargica disease leaves certain patients motionless and speechless. Music can help victims to create change in the activity of cells to enhance the cellular responsive. Music is the method that helps to increase the cognitive process of an individual. The implementation of music improved the response to stimuli.
Question 4
The role of music for the betterment of the “frozen” people is undeniable. Emotional patients can be sensitive towards certain types of music. Each “frozen” people is studied for utilization of music. Different styles of music are played to dissimilar patients to induce. Songs that are from the past are played for the benefit of frozen people. Old music played for the patients helped to recognize the patter of music. This assisted “frozen” people to be consciously awake.
Question 5
Dr. Sayer stopped using L-dopa drug due to its adverse impact on “frozen” people. The use of this drug can make patients violent and effectively worsen the situation. Violent patients sometimes attack the doctors. At initial stage the use of drugs benefited patients to nullify the impact of the disease. The ability to perform task provided normally and motor movement of the patients were enhanced by the application of L-Dopa drug. But after regular use of this drugs made frozen people more aggressive and violent. Eventually patients returned in to catatonic and normal state.
Question 6
After epidemic of encephalitis lethargica between the years 1917 and 1928, many patients who survived extensively worked with Dr. Malcolm Sayer. The dedication and caring of this doctor created huge positive impact on the patients. Patients who survived that disease were treated with extreme care. After 1969, men and women who are victims of the disease were all helped by Dr. Malcolm Sayer to provide aid and assistance.
Question 7
Music is one of the actions that create unique effects by offering sight in to the words of frozen people. This resembles the positive impact that music has on patients. The negative effect of L-dopa enabled Dr. Sayer to stop using the drugs. The adverse outcome of the drug and encephalitis lethargica disease are the adverse scene of the film.
Proper care and help can enable to cure patients. Dr. Sayer is the perfect example. The dedication of the doctor to cure frozen people is the lesson that encourages other doctor and people to fight against the disease.
Work Cited
Young, D. Skip. Psychology at the Movies. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. Print. Read More
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