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This is expected because the reader’s baggage has a lot to do with understanding the poem. Among the many versions and interpretations, we have two main ones. The first group of people view it…
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The Road#2
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Two roads, two ways of understanding" Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken” can be interpreted in different ways. This is expected because the reader’s baggage has a lot to do with understanding the poem. Among the many versions and interpretations, we have two main ones. The first group of people view it from an optimistic point of view, meaning that they draw inspiration from it in making serious decisions regarding their lives. The second group views it from a pessimistic point of view. They see nothing good in it other than despair and regret.
For the optimists, it is about making a hard decision that regards a change. These readers view the road taken by many as leading perhaps to failure or does not yield anything good. The idea that it leads into the woods shows that there is always uncertainty and risk in choosing the untypical way. It is a readiness to meet and overcome challenges along the way. There is a spirit of hope doing things differently from others or where they have not done well will bring a positive change. Because there are two roads to choose from and one has to confidently choose one and for that matter the one is not taken shows courage. It is a decision made no matter the outcome. The last stanza talks of telling with a sigh perhaps of the outcome of the journey. This is after a long time because it talks of ages and ages. Taking the road less travelled and making the difference that the persona talks about could mean success. The fact that they have persevered to the end is seen to have borne fruit. In the beginning, the future looks bleak riddled with untold expectations. The images of the woods and the undergrowth could symbolize the troubles that lay ahead. They paint a picture of insecurity because woods pose dangers like wild animals, bad weather, and rough terrain among others which symbolize problems that human beings encounter in normal lives.
There is another group who read this poem from a pessimistic approach. For them, it is about a person who has facing difficulties of choice and throwing himself/herself on mercy of destiny. The presentation of two roads with only one to be chosen paints an image of confusion and hesitation. The idea that one has to make a choice about the best one to use offers enough challenge to such a person. Again, the woods paint a grim picture of what to expect. It has the potential of many dangers ahead that one may be unable to overcome. The road is seen to take a corner deep into the woods. The undergrowth is seen to offer challenges, for a person cannot see what lies beneath. The road not taken also implies that it may have reasons why it is not taken. A person can take it to mean that others are failed before, so there is no point of reading the way that others have failed before. This point to the level of anxiety in the person that the road they take may never bring them back. The uncertainty is too much nevertheless a decision has to be made to use the road. The idea that they will be telling their story with a sigh shows that they will be so tired from the journey. The obstacles are seen to be tough that will have to overcome. There is a possibility getting fatigued after overcoming the obstacles that there will be no energy left in them. Another possibility is also that they will be unable to overcome the obstacles leading to the person being drained of any energy left in them.
Thus, this poem offers two distinctly different possibilities. Optimists opt for the one not taken because they think it can bring different or better results while pessimists cast doubt about ever coming back. This offers the reader freedom to come up with his or her own conclusion or perspective about the poem.
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