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Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased - Essay Example

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Consumption of Alcohol has resulted in many tragic incidents including deaths from accidents and sickness. Each and every person in the world is aware of the ill-effects of…
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Should the alcohol drinking age be increased or decreased
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Download file to see previous pages In the modern world it is quite observant that teenagers consume more alcohol compared to an adult. There are strict laws in place regarding consumption of alcohol before attaining a minimum age still most of the college students have made consumption of alcohol a new trend in the society. Many people argue in favor of consumption of alcohol after attaining a certain age but the dangerous effects of alcohol consumption is significant.
Alcohol consumption is highly dangerous for teenagers as well as adults because consumption of alcohol increases the flow of blood from the heart to other parts of the body (Johnston 5). Due to increase in blood circulation the pulse rate goes high and people become more exited compared to normal state. The high circulation in blood also results in extraction of other body hormones resulting in abnormal secretion of hormone. Excessive drinking results in high blood pressure and it can be dangerous for a person’s health if blood pressure always remains at a high state. High blood pressure can cause several neurological diseases. Due to high flow of blood in the brain and other parts of body the brain starts behaving abnormally. This abnormality reflects in a person’s behavioral characteristics. If a person consumes more alcohol he/she starts losing out control of anger. Adults who consume alcohol on a regular basis should remember that alcohol can cause serious health problems if consumed at a large scale. Teenagers attaining age 16 or above mostly have a tendency to consume alcohol with friends in unsafe places. Alcohol has many disastrous effects starting from stomach infection to kidney and liver failure. Alcohol is available in different compositions in market today. They are some medicinal effects of alcohol especially in case of heart problems. Since alcohol has a tendency to increase the flow of blood hence it can be used for proper blood circulations at times. However doctors strictly mention that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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