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Proposal Argument I - Essay Example

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This is a sort of discrimination and men are discriminated by society, school teachers, at workplace by peers and even by patients.
Inequality or discrimination facing by men in the field of…
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Proposal Argument I
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Download file to see previous pages ??Meet the Parents” was made on this topic in which a male nurse fell in love with a girl and when they go to visit the parents of that girl everything become a nightmare just because the profession owned by that guy was nursing. The movie represents a true picture of our society because today, millions of people have a perception that nursing is only a field for females and they believe a man cannot fit in a feminine field. I believe this is totally wrong and unfair because the issue of inequality of male nurses is exactly the same to the issues of discrimination in other professions.
To understand the reasons for inequality facing men in nursing, it is crucial to have an insight into the past of this profession. In the 3rd century, nursing was founded as an attractive profession in ancient rime and at that time it was dominated by men. In the 20th century, women dominated nursing and had kicked out men from this profession by creating a perception that nursing is a “feminine” profession. The biggest support with women was the foundation of the American Nurse Association in 1913, which banned the entry of men. Later, somewhere in 1930’s men were welcomed to nursing, but just in papers and documents because they were discriminated by teachers in school and later on by peers, patients and society in their workplace. I have been interviewing many registered male nurses and most of them complained about unequal treatment by teachers in school. Johnson is a registered male nurse and he told me that the course contents, class environment and teaching style were women centered, which compelled me to feel uncomfortable during classes (Johnson).
Many authors also participated in making the issue of inequality in the field of nursing for male nurse by referring nurses as women in their books and text books which further discouraged males from choosing nursing as a profession. This is not the limit, as patients usually demand to have female nurses to take care of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Proposal Argument I Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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