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Ethnographic Report - Essay Example

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This ethnographic report sheds light on the role of the English community in helping out the power industry in China in its routine maintenance activities. I am part of this English community that serves the Chinese once every year for a period of month. The goals of the…
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Ethnographic Report
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Download file to see previous pages n a foreign country share a common language; the language serves multiple purposes and sustains a margin between the members of this community and the local population of that foreign country.
Our community consists of 10 people who are experts in their own field. Some concerns like maintenance activities, enhancing the life of power production units and maintenance of a safe operation of the industry are common between China and the English community. The members of the community share the values of honesty, hard work, dedication, spirit, passion, and courage.
The English community helping out Chinese power industry may be considered to be a discourse community due to the fact that it shares common objectives, goals, and perspectives. We have a shared commitment with the industry in solving their issues and problems. The most important part of the discourse community is the strong communication between members to keep each other updated regarding the activities of the community and helping each other out in matters of work. We have established several modes of communications such as emails, phone calls, SMS, and live meetings that take place once a week to review the effectiveness of our working in helping out Chinese.
The main factor that unites the members of the English community together, while residing in China is their common language, English. With same native language, it is quite easy to share views and understand each other. The composition of the community has become very facilitating in nature, due to common language. The group members consider each other their close friends and make sure never to function against the benefits of the English community as a whole. The main focus is on solving the issues of the Chinese in running power industry.
There is a close relation between language and consensus. When member of the community share a common language, they feel pride in speaking this language in front of outsiders. In this way, harmony and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethnographic Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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