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However, there exist alternative ways through which happiness can be attained. The account proves that by emulating someone one esteems, even the…
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Writing assingment
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Download file to see previous pages Richard went to a great extend just to impress her (cleanliness). Within his school, no one seemed to understand him. Some thought he was just a fool who did not know anything. However, he was a normal kid faced with many challenges. For instance, poor housing, hunger, among many more. A few days before the Negro payday, students were supposed to pledge on behalf of their parents. Because of his love for Helene, Dick had a plan of topping up to her pledge. Unfortunately, his name was not read, and when he rose up to inquire, the teacher put him to shame. He was told that the contribution was not meant for him and those of his kind. Further, she said he did not have a father (Lunsford, 2013). Each person need to be treated equally regardless of race and background.
In the short story, Gregory has been subjected to some racial discrimination. He was differentiated in a particular manner that made it seem like all minorities had to undergo. His teacher specifically did this during his early years of schooling. It is because he was from the poverty-stricken class. Consequently, this demoralized him; to the extent that he did not attend his classes as he used to. Moreover, it went ahead to affect his social life. This is because the teacher’s comments had a negative impact towards his self-esteem. As a result, he became sensitive to the slightest matter regarding him. This could evidently be seen in his change of attitude towards relief clothes and food. It was unfair for Gregory to be treated differently, yet he was a normal human being. If only the teacher could mind the aftermath of his sentiments, Gregory could be a better person today (Lunsford, 2013).
Initially, the responsibility of cleaning the blackboard had been left for Gregory alone. To him this was an impression that he was important to the teacher. Foregoing the act of cleaning on a Friday usually made him feel incomplete the following school day. Cleaning the blackboard was less important ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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