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I happen to have worked as a secretary to an investment group where as a team; we came up with investment plans and wrote down a business proposal which was to be tabled before an investment committee while soliciting for funding. The team prepared tirelessly in advance and we…
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Communication climate supportive defensive
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Supportive communication environment Introduction I happen to have worked as a secretary to an investment group where as a team; we came up with investment plans and wrote down a business proposal which was to be tabled before an investment committee while soliciting for funding. The team prepared tirelessly in advance and we rehearsed our main points very competently in order to have a winning side while presenting our proposal. One thing that was very fundamental in the proposal presentation was that we had to embrace high degree of cohesion in ideology and line of argument as a group, as this would enable us to defend appropriately our project. We therefore adopted a supportive communication through focusing on what/how concerns in the topic, being focused on the task, upholding openness in the discussions, holding each as an equal person in the presentation and being very flexible.
The proposal presentation adopted a supportive climate through high level of collaboration among the members present for the proposal presentation. The whole process was well prepared for by all members which therefore enabled everyone to n active role in defining as well as solving the problems at hand as against having to assign any person what he/she was expected to do. There was mutual understanding which espoused on empathy as n important element in supportive environment of communication. Besides, the investment committee with whom we worked were very supportive identified with us, respected our propositions and acted in a lot of care towards us which made the communication climate and environment very conducive for our presentation.
In spite of our team being well structured in organizational structure, equality was well safeguarded in the presentation and discussions because the team acknowledged the quality of individual contribution towards the success of all. We however acknowledged that every person would be well placed to contribute towards any query raised from the discussions and this led to the open contribution policy while presenting as this would illustrate high levels of support to each other. The success of our presentation and discussions was much dependent on the capacity of us to work as a team and this meant that the hierarchy in responsibility s either being the chair or just a member had no place in the communication.
Supportive climate of communication requires high degree of flexibility, open mindedness and general willingness to buy from new ideas presented while conversing and this was highly exhibited while presenting the business proposal to the investment committee. We appreciated the commitment for the investment personnel to challenge us through new ideas into business and we actually gathered relatively more in improving on our initial idea which they accepted to fund. We paid also of attention while either of our members contributed as well as while the investment committee personnel sought clarification of issues or when they recommended to us better ways to carry out our project. This therefore contributed to high level of professionalism which is a critical indicator to supportive communication environment (Larsen and Ingebjorg, 24-25).
Great success in presenting and defending our proposal to the investment committee occurred through adoption of the supportive communication climate elements. Although we acknowledged the power structure within the group, we opted to adopt a high degree of equality and thus had every person contribute equally towards the presentation. The communication strategy we embraced was through effective planning and rehearsing of the main points within the proposal in order to have all contributed from the same level of understanding and we approached the presentation from a problem solving perspective. Besides, we appreciated positive criticism from the committee and we took to their recommendations on improving on our initial idea. I would therefore have no support to a proposal of a change in the communication climate that we adopted for the presentation process.
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Larsen, Svein, and Ingebjorg S. Folgero. "Supportive and Defensive Communication." International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 5.3 (1993): 22. ProQuest. Web. 23 June 2014. Read More
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