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Summary and response 1315 - Assignment Example

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William Moller’s accounts of his personal experience in his school days, is a clear demonstration of how extreme pressure for academic success can lead to drug addiction among youths. He admits to experiencing of the side effects of retalin such as feeling stuffed up and…
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Summary and response 1315
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Download file to see previous pages Joe Posnanski expresses a sharp criticism of the well known baseball players such as Willie Mays who had received a lot of public recognition due to their exemplary performance on the pitch. In his opinion, such athletes are not genuine and their great performance is a result of the use of steroids which enhances their performance. Cheating in his opinion amounts to any form of divergence to the officially allowed rules of the game which some writers and athletes seem to ignore.
The cheerleading aspect that Jennie Yabroff is against is that of the view that cheerleaders are generally people with low moral standards. The view has been in existence due to the conduct of some of the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders need to disapprove this general belief by being good examples and role models to the society. The argument is found in the second page in the last paragraph.
Sara Maratta is of the opinion that sporting activities are still dominated by men. The view is supported in his book by sidelining of Andrea Kremer a football reported who has witnessed criticism for her comments on men’s game. Female fans do not receive a fair treatment from their male counterparts who tend to sideline them in their fan base despite having sacrificed to attend the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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