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The Issues Of Medicating Kids - Essay Example

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Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have made people believe that there are myriad pills that virtually cure all types of diseases. The objective of the paper "The Issues Of Medicating Kids" is to explore the case for and against the consumption of large amounts of pills for medication purposes…
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The Issues Of Medicating Kids
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Download file to see previous pages Rob Gorski, the father to Gavin, says he cannot do without medicating his son with pills. Clozapine, one of the pills administered to Gavin, help him reduce the hallucinations and imaginary voices he hears. Lithium, on the other hand, is useful in stabilizing Gavin’s moods. Failure to take the drugs results in sleepless nights and uncontrolled impulses. Rob is not comfortable with the pill medication he administers to the son. In fact, he was reluctant at first and wrestled within before he started the medication. According to Rob, it is impossible for them to stay without administering the pills to the son. Rob argues that without the medication, their son’s quality of life of deteriorates. The above is an example of a genuine reason that justifies the use of pill medications because the child, Gavin, has an extreme condition (Park, 2011).
Readings reveal an increase in the use of behavioral drugs by children. Most of the children, however, do not suffer from extreme health conditions. Intellectual disability and related behavioral disorders are some of the reasons that necessitate their uptake of pills. The trend is worrying, and experts warn that this is dangerous because there are instances where misdiagnosis appears. Children exposed to multiple drugs are susceptible to drug abuse as well as other side effects. Pavuluri, a doctor and pediatrics at the University of Illinois, cautions that drugs ought to be administered only in extreme cases where injury and hurt may result from such neglect. However, the medication is appropriate for children who have attained five years. Pavuluri further adds that people should visit pharmaceutical after behavioral therapies are done (Park, 2011). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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