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Response paper: Novel-The Devil Wears Prada Novel (CH1-CH12) - Essay Example

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Devil Wears Prada is a great piece of narrative that focuses on a young fresh graduate desperately seeking employment. The protagonist in this narrative is…
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Response paper: Novel-The Devil Wears Prada Novel (CH1-CH12)
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Extract of sample "Response paper: Novel-The Devil Wears Prada Novel (CH1-CH12)"

Response paper: Novel-The Devil Wears Prada Novel (CH1-CH12) This creative work explores the literary tools that boost the understanding of ideas being expressed in any narrative. Devil Wears Prada is a great piece of narrative that focuses on a young fresh graduate desperately seeking employment. The protagonist in this narrative is Andrea who finds herself in a strange world through her newfound job in a beauty journalism industry. It is evident that the narration from Andrea’s point of view gives limited information onto the critical issues in the work. In this respect, it is imperative that the character of Andrea is explained through the other characters. Miranda is a type character who remains central in the overall development of the narrative. She is the boss and her interaction with Andrea during their time of working together gives an insight into Andrea’s actual character. As Andrea struggles to develop her personality and identity as an adult in the real world, she encounters significant challenges as presented by Miranda’s pressure on her (Weinberger 3). Andrea is presented as very emotional to the extent of exhibiting significant illogicality. When Miranda sends her to go pick the Porsche and the little puppy Madelaine she seemingly vents her frustration by using uncouth words like “what the hell is Madelaine”. Even after she is given the puppy in a recovery condition, she takes off to Miranda’s apartment in a huff. Miranda’s assignment to Andrea to go pick the puppy explores her naivety and ignorance of both directions within New York and critical aspects of instructions. This is emphasized more when she fails to take the Puppy and the car to the office where Miranda was awaiting.
The narration by Andrea is concentrated on past tense and likely to suit her interest. In that respect, her boss’ diverse demand portrays her actual moral standards and level of intelligence. Miranda seems to attach significant aesthetic value to her Porsche car and the car which on the other hand negatively impresses Andrea owing to the increasing demand from her job. Andrea is portrayed as being inquisitive on other people’s personal life especially when she asks Miranda’s husband’s assistant about their family life. The revelation of the car models owned by Miranda and her husband seems to expose Andrea’s desire to know more about her boss and learn how to manage her. Miranda as the head of the organization expects the staff to dress in ultra-modern cloth designs which is consistent with the industry. The reaction of Andrea towards such an attitude explains the slow socialization persona in her. Strict habit of Miranda shows that Andrea can change owing to her frantic efforts to satisfy the demands of the boss. It can be noted that Andrea makes a hot breakfast for Miranda each morning, even if she has to throw out four meals before her boss arrives, or find the review of an unknown restaurant in one of the twelve newspapers that Miranda reads daily, life changes outside of the office for her.
The Paris journey with Miranda exposes the naivety of Andrea in the significance of family but this also turns out to explore her destructive emotion (Weinberger 213). She finally falls out with the boss and travels back to reunite with the family. It is therefore worth to note that Miranda’s presence in this plot gives an insight into the in inner trait of Andrea.
Work Cited
Weisberger, Lauren. The Devil Wears Prada. London: HarperCollins, 2003. Print. Read More
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