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American Muslims in the United States - Research Paper Example

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This connotes an intriguing cosmopolitan outlook whereby cultures and individuals are diverse. The Muslims in America are a part of this diversity. There are primarily three categories of…
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American Muslims in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages This means the rest of the population could be Muslims on temporary visits and residence in the country. In as much as this diversity has an aesthete, a deeper scrutiny reveals
It is essential to highlight of the notable factors that have influenced movements of Muslims from the Middle East to the US. To begin with, Arabs, as Muslims, have pursued education in the Western countries. This thrives on the belief that the Western countries have better educational structures and systems than home countries. In addition, economic incentives such as job opportunities and a dynamic investment platform attracted the Arabs. Emigration could also be explained by the wars and instability in the Middle East. The core character of this migration has majorly contributed towards the misconception of Muslims. To begin with, a common stereotype describes Muslims as only Arabs (Sirin and Fine 198). This belief ignores the fact that the Muslim community is a culturally diverse population. For instance, there are South Asians, Arabs, and African Americans in the Muslim community. Indeed, around 60% of US born Muslims are African Americans (Bayor 19). In spite of the excessive illuminated attention towards the Arab Muslims, African American Muslims have existed since the days of civil rights movement. Malcolm X, an activist for African Americans’ right, is one of the most conspicuous of this outfit (Abdullah 11). In addition, these groups have diverse styles of worship that are unique to their unique ethnic identity.
It is crucial to highlight that the stereotype and misconceptions about Muslims is largely a media and commercial-driven phenomenon. Americans mostly drive their preconceptions and misconceptions from the films and commercials that portray Muslims in give ways. To begin with, films and commercials significantly portray Arabs as Muslims and portray ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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