A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, and The Yellow Wall Paper - Essay Example

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The family of Pelayo and Elisenda were treated with a rare occasion in one winter when a mysterious very aged man who had enormous wings landed in the courtyard of their home. Pelayo would find the old man while on his way home from the sea shore where he had god to dispose…
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A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, and The Yellow Wall Paper
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Download file to see previous pages This led to almost a unanimous conclusion that he would have been an angle were it not on the mortal features that would be observed from him. The theme of the supernatural in the form of mortals would be espoused through the story as was contrasted with magical power as well as the mystery of punishing disobedience with change from human form to the form of a spider as was the case with the ‘spider girl’. External conflict is very evident as father Gonzaga tries tirelessly to restrain people from converging at Pelayo’s home to view the claimed angle before the higher church authority would pass the verdict of confirming or not that the man was indeed an angle. People would therefore leave and when the spider girl arrives within the city, more attention by the people would be shifted to her because she proves to be more friendly and humane than Pelayo’s old man. There is therefore the conflict of interest and the girl becomes more famous than the old man at Pelayo’s home. The theme of spirituality and religion is much pronounced within the story with Pelayo’s neighbor having the position that the old man must have been an angel who came for Pelayo’s child while the father and the higher authority in the church refuted the claim and had the position that the mysterious old man must have been a fake angel. Predominance of the mystery behind the nature of the man however remains when after the winter, the man grows more feathers and one day flies away as Pelayo’s wife watch although to her relief because she had already grown tired of the mysterious visitor (GradeSaver LLC., para 1-4).
Charlotte Perkins wrote the short story on yellow wall paper expounding on the theme of family and the position of women in the society as was depicted at the time. From the story, one major lesson dominates; that human beings, just as is the case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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