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This can be achieved by having, among others, an efficient workforce. A quick review of the survey conducted to evaluate the satisfaction of the company’s customers and employees…
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Persuasive memo
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Mr. Christopher O. Connor VP, Business Development TRAINING FOR ALL EMPLOYEES One of the many aspectsin improving a business is making the service it provides unparalleled. This can be achieved by having, among others, an efficient workforce. A quick review of the survey conducted to evaluate the satisfaction of the company’s customers and employees showed that there is an urgent need for training programs to help enhance the skills of the workforce. In a 2013 leadership article posted by Forbes on their website, adequate training for all levels in an organization was listed as one of the seven management practices to improve employee productivity. Because of this, I would like to propose a comprehensive training program that will initially focus on our front-liners as they are in direct contact with the customers.
Based on the conducted survey, 44% of the customers who took time to write comments complained of slow service while 50% suggested other pastry products because of “soggy Danishes.” For employees, many of them commented about the desire to be trained. From these feedback, it can be assumed that a comprehensive training program would be welcomed by the employees and the resulting acquired skills would result to service and products customers would be happy with. The proposed training program will be specifically designed to meet the standards of the company with regard to production and customer service. The survey suggests that these are the areas that will greatly benefit from immediate training. It is also proposed that that the training program be implemented immediately while more clients are satisfied with the company’s services. A happy customer can help with the marketing and boost the company’s financial numbers.

A carefully planned and extensive training program to target the company’s service providers will result in a number of benefits for the organization. Please refer to the list below:
a. Increased technical skills for production and service employees
b. Increased level of morale and confidence of employees
c. More satisfactory performance due to improved technical knowledge
d. Possible new offerings in the stores due to enhanced technical knowledge
e. Possible increase in sales due to new offerings, improved quality of service and service time
Designing and implementing any new program will incur costs. Also, even with the proper training, some employees may still not manifest the newly-acquired learning or skill. Nevertheless, given the results of the two surveys conducted and in line with the company’s business improvement program, I am of the mind that this program is important to despite the expense it will bring to the organization. It is possible that with solid research and careful planning, the potential costs and downsides of the suggested endeavor will be minimal compared to the benefits the company will attain in the future.
The sooner we invest on training our employees, the sooner we can satisfy our clients and the people working for us. Based from my experience in the industry, these two groups can have a big influence on the success of any company. Capitalizing on an excellent training program can prove to be one of the key factors in the company’s success.

Lipman, V. (2013). 7 Management Practices That Can Improve Employee Productivity. Retrieved from Read More
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