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Facets relating to obesity include its prevention, correction, and approach strategy (Patient, 1). Assessment of obesity and overweight follows the degree or measure of waist…
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The dangers of obesity
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The Dangers of Obesity A number of developed countries face the problem of prevalence in cases of obesity amongtheir citizens. Facets relating to obesity include its prevention, correction, and approach strategy (Patient, 1). Assessment of obesity and overweight follows the degree or measure of waist circumference and BMI (Body Mass Index). The best approach for diagnosing obesity employs the use of BMI level. BMI is calculated by dividing weight (expressed in kg) by height (m2). The ideal BMI falls between 20 and 25. The three grades of obesity include Grade I (BMI between 25 and 29.9), Grade II (BMI between 30 and 34.9), and Grade III (BMI exceeds or equals 40). An individual who has reached the ‘morbidly obese’ or Grade III status needs to understand that weight is a threat to their health (Patient, 1). However, higher BMI’s exist in individuals who are muscular; therefore, they should not be assumed as having excess fat (Shearer, 173).
Waist-hip ratio is an alternative indicator of obesity. WHR accurately predicts cardiovascular risks than Body Mass Index (Skouteris, Helen, et al, 7). It is important to note that all the listed classes if obesity relates to significantly higher causes of mortality. The increase in degree of obesity significantly increases the risks involved. Calculation of the connection between obesity and other diseases depends on the gender of an individual. According to NAO (National Audit Office), the risks of diseases related to obesity differ between men and women.
The increased danger of diseases related to obesity
Relative danger for men
Relative danger for women
Ovarian cancer
Gallbladder disease
Angina pectoris
Colon cancer
Myocardial infarction
Diabetes type III
Obesity is a major danger in the growth of disorders related to chronic respiratory diseases such as obesity hypoventilation, obstructive sleep-apnoea, asthma, and COPD. In the occasion where an individual exhibits an obesity case demanding surgical procedure, diagnosis becomes more difficult. Frequency of postoperative complications enhances, including wound dehiscence, chest infection, and acute vein thrombosis (Chhabra, Lovely, et al., 1). Osteoarthritis is common in almost every individual with a prolonged obesity problem. This is very risky to proper maintenance of bone rigidity while aging. Obese people are also faced with problems that cannot be readily treated such as total hip replacement. Most people with this condition cannot afford the medical costs to administer such treatments.
Different grades of obesity increase the dangers of endometrium carcinoma and breast cancer. In addition, the disease referred to as Polycystic ovarian disorder is also connected to the obese. Researchers and doctors found that obesity has the capability of impairing fertility, especially for the females. Other studies conducted by scholars in the medical field suggest that Type 2 Diabetes relates to the rise in abdominal fat or visceral fat mass as opposed to common adiposity (Farrell, 519).
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