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This means that sweatshops are not such a good thing when someone views it from the perspective of the effects it has in the lives of those hired in the shops. As much as it…
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Trading goods and jobs
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Introduction As much as trading and business is important, the means by which one earns money does not justify it. This means that sweatshops are not such a good thing when someone views it from the perspective of the effects it has in the lives of those hired in the shops. As much as it necessary for traders to produce goods on such a mass scale, everyone is well aware of the fact that sweatshops are characterised by unhealthy and inhumane working environment and working conditions for the employees. Sweatshops exist because there is a high demand for inexpensive products among the consumers, and big companies such as NIKE are out to increase their profits (Gordon, 52).
Reasons against Sweatshops
Sweatshops are working environments with unhygienic inhumane conditions that are often viewed by most people in industrialised nations to be difficult and unsafe. The employees do not have much say in how the business is managed and how they are treated by their bosses. This can include extreme high temperatures, abuse from the employers, dangerous situations and exposure to harmful materials (Gordon, 65). The workers are normally required to work for such long hours without a break in between. Sweatshops are often associated with developing countries, although they may still exist in any country.
The problem does not only stop with the working environment but there is also the problem of the low wages associated with sweatshops. In most countries with sweatshops, the employees are paid lower than the minimum wage that has been set by the government. Expecting someone to live on these low salaries is almost impossible. Majority of the employees spend more than they make, which implies that they go to bed hungry most of the time. In addition, the low wages are not enough to pay for their basic needs; it cannot take care of their families, school, rent and medical bills (Gordon, 70). Due to this, most of these people are forced to include the whole family in the work.
The other major problem with sweatshops is child labour. For decades, people have been fighting against this although not much has changed. However, people still need to earn a living, even if it means that children are also involved in the work. Most families in the sweatshops are from poor families and are amenable to do whatever it takes to earn income. The employers, on the other hand, have no problem with this because child labour to them means cheap labour.
Sweatshops usually involve low levels of technology and produce a variety of goods at once. This implies that it is cost saving for the employers which could be why it is preferred by many. However, the fact that they take advantage of human rights is the reason as to why most people are against the idea. Recently, there are several companies that have come about both big and small fighting for human rights to ensure that those employed at the sweatshops are in a safe environment, are treated well and get the wage that they deserve for the work they do. However, this does not mean that sweatshops and child labour will ever end because there is not much that one can do about the situation (Gordon, 82). As much as people protest against the idea, the companies with sweatshops produce most of the major products in the market and one is forced to purchase them since they have no alternative.
Work Cited
Gordon, Jennifer. Suburban Sweatshops: The Fight for Immigrant Rights. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005. Read More
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Trading Goods and Jobs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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