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We all want people to treat us respectfully, but frequently forget that to get respectful attitude first of all we have to learn how to behave in a right way towards others. Respectful treatment to others is not only profitable to get respect back and incline people on your…
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Right action (Respect for others)
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Respect for others School We all want people to treat us respectfully, but frequently forget that to get respectful attitude first of all we have to learn how to behave in a right way towards others. Respectful treatment to others is not only profitable to get respect back and incline people on your side, but also it is simply nice feeling when you see that people enjoy communicating with you.
Famous proverb says “do as you would be done by” – universal moral law, which is mentioned in every ethical conception. Respect towards others is a basic rule to make communication efficient. Successful society is impossible without productive and effective communication between its people, that’s why the main moral code people teach their children to bring them up adequate participants of society is based on respectful attitude to others. And even though different ethical concepts argue about their moral approaches, the aspect of respect towards others always stays in all of them in the same understanding of the notion of respect.
To be respectful towards others means not to be selfish with people, but to pay attention on their personalities, to be interested in how their lives are going. There are many ways to show your interest to people. The most elementary rule is to listen to what people tell you. This sounds pretty simple, but we usually do not notice that while communicating we forget to listen, because it is more important for us to say something than to show your interest to your interlocutor by simple listening. We usually feel badly when somebody doesn’t listen to our speech, but frequently we treat people the same way. While communicating it is very important for people to be asked about something they are interested in; if you ask something, people feel that you are interested in them, so they start attracting you. The second way to behave respectfully is to be nice to people. It is even easily than listening. To be nice means to tell them something that shows that you adore them, or respect, or disposed towards them – depends on situation. But the main point is to be positively inclined towards them. For example, in formal communication we usually show our respect by following the rules of this kind of communication, in colloquial speech we use words of attraction, compliments (which in fact may be used in any situation, if appropriate), praises etc. But it is important to consider their relevance in particular situation, of course. Actually the easiest way to define how respect looks like is to pass different ways of behavior through our own perception of other people.
We definitely know how we would like others to treat us; we can distinguish bad attitude towards us and how we usually don’t like people treat us. Using this knowledge we could’ve achieved the good and respectful attitude we constantly try to get from others, but always forget about the main rule according to which we also have to treat others well to get the same from them. That’s why respect toward others is the main secret of successful communication. Read More
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