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Internet is good for study - Essay Example

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There are different activities that are being undertaken in faster and easier ways with the assistance of the Internet. As a global system comprising interconnected computer networks…
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Internet is good for study
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Download file to see previous pages Statistics has revealed that global use of the internet as of 2012 have profoundly increased and where China ranked as the number one country with the highest number of Internet users and followed by the United States (Top 20 Countries with the Highest Number of Internet Users). The popularity of the Internet could be attributed to different reasons, depending on the profile of the users. It has always been acknowledged that members of the current generation, especially adolescents and young adults use the Internet for diverse purposes other than fact finding or information gathering. The popularity of social networking sites has significantly increased Internet usage through sharing of experiences, photos, events, and recent updates on the lives of friends, relatives, and acquaintances. From the study conducted by the Lebo, the Internet was found to be used for the following general purposes: fact finding activities, visiting social networking sites, playing games, watching videos, paying bills, and even purchasing products online (Lebo). Fact finding activities could already be classified as a general category for studying. In this regard, the current discourse contends that the Internet is actually a good medium for enhancing academic performance or in studying for the reasons that information is easily accessible; more people from all walks of life have immediate access to this technological medium; and studying through the Internet could be undertaken across time and geographic locations.
A discussion of the reasons why the Internet is deemed good for studying would initially be provided. To present a balanced discourse, the views of people who contend that the Internet actually poses threats to learning and academic development would also be expounded.
Thus, the next section would present a discussion on why the Internet could be detrimental to academic endeavors. The final section would weigh the arguments asserting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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