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The most commonly delved in activity that is a source of leisure for me is watching television. As defined, leisure means “activities that people engage in during their free time—activities that are not work oriented or that do not involve life maintenance tasks such as housecleaning or sleeping” …
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In depth leisure analysis
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September 11, In Depth Leisure Analysis Activity The most commonly delved in activity that is a source of leisure for me is watching television. As defined, leisure means “activities that people engage in during their free time—activities that are not work oriented or that do not involve life maintenance tasks such as housecleaning or sleeping” (Human Kinetics 1). Watching television could be done alone or with family members. I usually watch TV when I arrive home from school or after dinner or before sleeping. It is the most cost efficient way to spend my leisure time since I do not have to spend on other resources as the cost of watching TV comes with the payment for utilities. Of course, the more I watch TV, the greater my electrical bill. However, I deduced that watching TV with family members or friends are more enjoyable; especially when I snacks to munch.
Personal Analysis
The activity is selected as a form of leisure since it is the most cost efficient and readily accessible. I do not have to save much to watch TV, nor do I have to travel far. Likewise, it provides me with options to select programs to view. Some programs are informative and entertaining. I am able to absorb current events or view the latest in sports. Likewise, there is not much skill that should be learned in watching TV. Most people, even very young children, learn to watch TV as a source of leisure and information. For sure, this would be a lifelong pursuit for me.
Conceptual Analysis
One learned from the course the value of time spent for leisure. Actually, it was emphasized that “leisure is time free from obligations, work (paid and unpaid), and tasks required for existing (sleeping, eating). Leisure time is residual time” (Human Kinetics 1). I was made aware of the concept of time deepening (University of Missouri). Unconsciously, I could be practicing time deepening while watching TV through maximizing time during commercials: I do other tasks, like catch up on other members’ activities during the day. As emphasized, “when applied to leisure, time deepening ‘stresses maximizing the results of every time investment rather than concentrating on an immersion in the experience of the moment’” (Kelly & Godbey, 1992, p. 335). Thus, learning from the concept enabled one to optimize potentials for using time as a critical and scare resource.
In addition, I learned that the outcomes for my watching TV, as a form of leisure, are varied: from purely entertainment, for social bonding, and enhancement of knowledge. Thus, the simple leisure activity such as watching TV was evaluated in terms of concepts of time deepening and the outcomes. Likewise, one of the motivators for engaging in this particular leisure activity is for physical rest, tension reduction, and socialization. Overall, one realized that watching TV has always been a productive and rewarding experience.
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