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After World War II, the food system declined and hunger was rampant and this situation was put in place by the export of surplus food from the United States. However, when this system faced problems, another revolutionary system replaced it, breaking many barriers in the field…
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Reading responding
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Stuffed and Starved After World War II, the food system declined and hunger was rampant and this situation was put in place by the export of surplus food from the United States. However, when this system faced problems, another revolutionary system replaced it, breaking many barriers in the field of agricultural research that helped to create hybrids of staple food such as rice, wheat and corn. (Chap. 6, pg. 129) These varieties yielded much more than the traditional crops but the cost of growing soared high because it needed fertilizers, pesticides and proper irrigation. In response to the growing starvation and malnutrition among the ever growing population, especially Asia, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations established and International Agricultural Research system that served to integrate many scientific and technological advances to the agricultural system of the developing countries. (International Food and Policy Research Institute, (2002)
‘The Green Revolution’ as it is called helped to keep hunger under control, but the ecological and social costs increased considerably (pg. 130). However, before the ‘Green Revolution’ could be ushered in, there was great disparity between the haves and the have- nots and the U.S suspected that India would slip into Communism (pg. 131) due to the political instability, increasing population and hunger and since they did not want this to happen to India, they shared their agricultural technology with India and within a couple of decades of hard labor, India had tripled its output of food production and they are forever indebted to the U.S for their profound help. Currently, both the U.S and India are collaborating together to enhance crop production using the best technology available.
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The ‘Green Revolution’, not only served to increase the yield in the country and keep hunger under control, but it also served to help the farmers who owned land by supporting them with funding and access to the latest technology of the Green Revolution. (pg. 134)
International Food Policy Research Institute. (2002) Green Revolution. Curse or
Raj Patel. (2012) Stuffed and Starved. Chapter 6. Better Living Through
Chemistry. Published by Melville House. Pgs. 432 Read More
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