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College level education is mostly termed as professional education as this level of education prepares and individual to operate in a particular organization. College…
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Why is an education important in todays work force
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Importance Of College Education In Today’s Workforce Introduction College education is a term used to refer to the level of education that falls beyond secondary level education. College level education is mostly termed as professional education as this level of education prepares and individual to operate in a particular organization. College education has become the main criteria for gaining employment within an organization and this is because having an educated workforce has several benefits to offer to the organization. College level education amongst the workforce is significant because employers are not willing to spend money on training and development, competition between employees have increased, 21st century arrangements require college education and this level of education is essential for a better living standard.
The economy is still in recession and organizations are trying to survive the recession by cutting its expensive. Employers are trying to save the cost of training and development and at the same time they desire a workforce that is already trained. College education equips an individual with both hard and soft skills which are required in today’s organization. Due to this college level education allows individuals to gain employment under current economic conditions.
Now a day’s even those who have huge amount of experience are competing for entry level positions in order to gain employment. Due to this young individuals who do not have a college education on their resumes are finding it difficult to gain employment. College education provides individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities that are required for fresh members of the workforce to compete with those who have years and years of experience.
Organizations in the 21st century are competing globally; they are no longer producing and selling their goods and services within limited boundaries (Stephens 1). Due to this, organizations need to be able to develop goods and services according to the cultures and customs of people belonging to different regions. They need employees who have the ability to communicate people from different regions to identify their needs and wants. College education equips an individual with interpersonal and communication skills which help these employees in communicating with people from different parts of the world. This then helps organization in developing goods and services in compliance with the needs and desires of customers throughout the world.
Individuals who have a college level education are already equipped with soft and hard skills which an individual without a college degree can only gain after getting employment. This allows college graduates to gain better paying positions and promotions at a higher speed as compared to individuals who are working without college level education.
College level education is referred to the professional education that individuals gain before starting their careers. It equips individuals with the required knowledge, skills and abilities to compete with those individuals who have huge amount of working experience. The skills that college education helps an individual develop are vital for organizations to compete in the global arena and these skills even assist an individual in gaining promotions faster than their counterparts.
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