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Documentary Analysis-Short Film:<Super High Me> - Essay Example

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In this documentary, Doug Benson, a former stand-up comedian, highlights his experience trying to avoid pot for about thirty days and then taking large amounts of drugs for thirty days. The documentary shows how he was keen to get super high and the effects that followed his…
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Documentary Analysis-Short Film:&lt;Super High Me&gt;
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Download file to see previous pages This present essay examines how logos, pathos and ethos are used in the film, and how effectively the film appeals to the audience.
The first rhetorical appeal is ethos or the ethical appeal. The story is told by Doug Benson, who is himself a consumer of marijuana. The fact that he uses this drug makes him the best person to tell the story since it is done from experience. The views and arguments presented in the documentary are likely to appeal to the audience since they come from an individual who has consumed this drug. In addition, dispensary owners are interviewed, and this further helps to enhance the credibility f information presented in the documentary. Benson undergoes a number of tests, and these are carried out by qualified physicians. For instance, Benson’s physician concluded that his smoking of cannabis did not affect him at all. Furthermore, in order to give the legal side and legal issues associated with marijuana, politicians are interviewed. An example is Senator John Marty who has sponsored many bills on the subject of marijuana legalization. This helps to enhance the credibility of the arguments presented since they are authored by individuals in the relevant fields.
A second rhetorical appeal is the use of pathos. This mainly involves appealing to the emotions of the audience in order to persuade them. In the documentary, Benson effectively appeals to the pathos through juxtaposition where he shows how boring his life is during the thirty days he doesn’t smoke marijuana and how awesome it is during the other thirty days he is constantly high. For example, during the thirty day period he is high, he says that the period ‘has been awesome.’ This appeal to the emotions of the audience by making them sympathize with him during the first thirty days he fails to smoke and also like his ‘awesome’ life during the last thirty days when he smokes marijuana. In order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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