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Same-sex marriages have been a controversy in the society with proponents arguing that gays and lesbians should be allowed to be married just like marriage between persons of opposite sex. Their argument is based on the fact that prohibition of same sex marriage is…
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Allow Gay and lesbians to be married
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Introduction Same-sex marriages have been a controversy in the society with proponents arguing that gays and lesbians should be allowed to be marriedjust like marriage between persons of opposite sex. Their argument is based on the fact that prohibition of same sex marriage is discrimination of a person’s rights. However, those opposing the idea of same-sex marriage, argue that same sex marriage is an alteration of marriage definition that recognizes marriage between persons of opposite sex. They further argue that marriage has for ages been between man and women, however, research shows that in the current society marriages between either same-sex persons or persons of the opposite sex comes with benefits. Based on this, gay and lesbian marriage should be allowed in the society.
Same-sex marriages should be allowed in the society. However, those opposing this idea have come out with different facts to condemn the idea. Research shows that same sex marriage is beneficial to the society and the country legalizing same sex marriage. Lipp (2013) argues that same-sex marriage is beneficial to the US and the general population. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT, contributes economically, socially, politically and financially to American society. Discriminations of LGBT rights lowers the dignity of American people especially LGBT. However, giving them their rights such as legalizing same sex marriages establishes their worthiness and values as American people having equal rights like others (Lipp, 2013).
Further, support of same sex marriages gives values and establishes minority groups that have suffered for a long time. Additionally, cases of stigmatization and homophobia are reduced and large population throughout the US and other parts of the world will relate well with LGBT. This is vital in reducing cases of discrimination against gays and lesbians. Discrimination against same sex marriage or rights that are enjoyed by same-sex persons affects individuals advocating and practicing same-sex marriage psychologically and socially. However, allowing same-sex couples to have rights the same way straight couples have assisted them in reducing cases of psychological effects and promote a healthy society (Lipp, 2013).
The study shows that many same-sex couples in the US raise children. However, children raised by same sex couples have been disadvantaged because they do not enjoy the rights provided to them by the federal government just like benefits provided to families of straight couples. This affects children, giving them a bad picture that their parents are citizens that are non-worthy in the society. However, legalizing gay and lesbian marriage increases family stability led by same sex couples (Lipp, 2013).
Same-sex marriage allows freedom of religion without any disturbance from the state. Additionally, persons who have no values against certain religions discriminating same sex marriage are shielded by the legalization of same sex marriage. Most marriages in the society are governed by religious believes this means marriage laws are established according to religions. However, same-sex marriage legalization in the society is fair because a person is given freedom of religion and fair equal treatment. However, those opposing the idea of same-sex marriage argue that it offends God. They explain that the Bible condemn same sex marriage. But this is quite refutable; freedom of religion must be there in the society. People in the society are free to practice any religion, some religions support same-sex marriages, while others do not advocate. It has to be noted that religions should not be used to define marriage laws (Lipp, 2013).
Same-sex marriage should be allowed in the society. The facts are clear from the study above that it is beneficial to children, government and the society. Same sex marriage creates a free society with no stigmatization and homophobia. The study also shows that it reduces cases of psychological distress on same sex couples.

Lipp, M. (2013). 7 Ways the U.S.A. Benefits From the Legalization of Gay Marriage. Retrieved from Read More
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