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Litterature 2 - Essay Example

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However, different writers choose different approaches to this difficult task. Some of them focus on the scenes of fights or render the war through the notions of friendship, love or hope. Ali Bader uses the…
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Litterature 2
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Download file to see previous pages This story is very engaging due to the fact that Baden does not only show actions; he inserts necessary inner thoughts of the narrator into the story line. Life and death are two central in the story as they are applied to the appropriate context. The plot is designed in a way to make the appearance of death unexpected. The closeness to death makes the feeling of suspense very intense. Defeated expectancy effect which creates the culmination renders the feeling of horror and despair.
The story has a complex narrator. Obviously, it is told as a memory of the grown up narrator about his years in military. Differences between memories and present day comments can be identified by the use of tense. Recollections are written in the past tense while comments are inserted in the present tense. For instance, one can see this difference in the lines “At the time I was often preoccupied with my physical appearance” and “Until today I wonder just how during this time of fighting they had the time to greet me with smiles that I’ll never forget” (Baden). They correspond to different layers of time mixed in the story.
The essay is told from the perspective of young and inexperienced soldier who takes the same position as the reader in the story. Limited narrative perspective intensifies feelings it evokes. Moreover, it helps to identify with the narrator in the story and participate in it for the reader. Increased attention to the green socks which attracted the attention of the narrator makes this effect even more dramatic. People do not talk about the dead in this way. The focus on this little detail shows makes all readers feel confidents that the soldiers are alive. Moreover, the socks are perceived as rather annoying objects because they are too bright for the gloomy and dark environment.
The descriptions of the setting are very masculine. They are minimalistic in details and very laconic in verbal representation if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Litterature 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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