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It is a crisis whose inception is not really distinctive since there is no specific event for its genesis. The violence however is believed to be fundamentally harbored by a number of…
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Gun Violence
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Gun Violence Gun violence is one of the biggest problems spanning the US almost in all of its s. It is a crisis whose inception is not really distinctive since there is no specific event for its genesis. The violence however is believed to be fundamentally harbored by a number of underlying issues. These form the bases whereupon the problem can be explored but yet no specific ideal reason has yet been presented for this tragic phenomenon. The problem has become so common yet critical in its unfolding such that sometimes its magnitude is deliberately omitted, and the general question of “weather the menace is being promptly addressed” left to be pondered. It is often put that gun violence is brought about by specific factors which to evidently would be untrue basing on findings on the subject (Reese, par. 20-24).
Gun violence is attributed to a number of issues. These vary from lifestyle to economic reasons. For instance, social concerns are pinpointed as one of the reasons that yield to the tragedy. Such issues around the society as biases, social classification, just to mention but a few are termed as crucial in dictating gun violence. For instance, ethnic background and history confirm that black Americans are amongst the larger share of the victims involved. The problem is however, this same ethnicity is self targeted; an occurrence that raises question as to whether the issue is inter-ethnic or the contrary. In as much as the historical perceptions may have such a massive influence on the people there is more to the violence than the background can provide (Reese, par 5).
The problem also arises with the nature in which the inventories of armories are handled. Evidently, there are approximately 283 million fire arms in the hands of the civilians. However this does not directly guarantee violence. It turns out that of this big number of civilian procession, most of the violence cases accrue from the firearms distributed by individual dealers. Roughly 30,000 firearms are unaccounted for annually from the dealers’ inventories. This makes the control of such distribution difficult especially given the policy guidelines (Reese, par. 4).
Another paradigm significant in explaining the gun violence is the family and the society value system. There are several instances in records of homicidal and suicidal cases involving firearms in US. Most of these cases are unaccounted for by the media houses owing to the dynamic debates around them. When for example, a teenage girl indiscriminately shoots at her school mates and then later her mother; we have a great deal of the question to ponder. The teenager uses this as a defense mechanism against the atrocities she believes she is subjected to (Maria, par.1). There is doubt about the anomie cushioning the society. And then a case like the Newton tragedy; where the target group turns out to be none, confirms the fact that the killings are much more than just a few surface explanations may give. It is also pointed out that technological advances and a myriad of information sourcing have yielded this gradual decay especially in children. Their interpretations of some media like entertainment media; where they can play violent games, are manifest in how they execute it to make the real problem happen (Editorial, par. 3).
In summary, to understand the gun violence, it is imperative that a holistic approach embraced. This should involve both the public and the government. Everyone is a stakeholder in attempting to avert this crisis. Much to this success will come from a properly informed society. This can be achieved when agencies deemed with this responsibility like the media take up the task. It is also necessary that this process be devolved at a family level where right information should be stemmed down in this simplest unit of the society. In this way, there may be a decline in the tragic menace.
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Fredrick, Reese. “Media Coverage of Gun Violence: What Gets Left Out Could Say Volumes, According To NBC News Project.” Mint Press News. 19 February 2013: Web May 2014. Read More
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