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This essay declares that Black Nationalism refers to advocacy geared towards the separation of the black people from the white race to form a self-government for blacks. During the 1960s, Black Nationalism advocated for separatism, economic self-sufficiency, and racial solidarity…
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Malcolm X and Black Nationalism
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Download file to see previous pages Consequentially, this led to the formation of various parties such as Organization of Afro-American Unity and Black Panthers among others. Therefore, the paper will seek to look at Malcolm X’s advocacy methods for Black Nationalism and the reasons why it would be appropriate to work for Malcolm X’s Organization of Afro-American Unity.
Malcolm X mainly advocated for the separation between the whites and the blacks using violent means where necessary. This means he rejected calls by the other civil rights to embrace integration and racial equality by use of nonviolent means. Born Malcolm little, he is described as one of the most controversial figures who made the Nation of Islam famous. He was one of the most eloquent speakers for the Black Muslims. This was because the Black Muslims were living in poverty and were facing racial discrimination. Malcolm X condemned the white people and used statements that referred to the use of bullets if ballots could not work. In this effect, he meant that if the Black People could not be given the rights to vote, then the use of guns would be appropriate.
Being an organizer for the United Negro Improvement Association led by Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X gained publicity by frequently attacking Martin Luther King concerning his method of Black Nationalism advocacy. In his views, Malcolm X advocated for self-defense by the Black people against the Whites. During this period, he thought black political power could only be achieved through violent means. Therefore, Malcolm opted for the use of force to achieve racial freedom. Additionally, Malcolm regarded discrimination as a cause of various problems among the Black people. It made many black Americans to hate themselves. Consequentially, self-hatred caused the Blacks to lose their identities. Additionally, self-hatred made the Black Americans indulge in drug addiction, alcoholism, and crime.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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