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Random choose 1 out of 14 - Assignment Example

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Which character, Charlie Wales or Alida Slade, is more responsible, finally, for the manner in which their past catches up to them?
In Babylon revisited,…
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Random choose 1 out of 14
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Download file to see previous pages Charlie took a taxi and started rolling over the city to see the different places he remembers. His thoughts started taunting him as he though of how he had spoiled everything for himself at the city. He claims that he wasn’t realizing any of his actions. It was two years when all this occured, everything was gone and Charlie himself was gone too.
Charlie and his daughter Honoria were both happy to see each other after a long period of ten months. Charlie was welcomed at her sisters in laws place where her daughter stayed in the care of Marion. As the discussion between Charlie and lincon started, Charlie explained how he was doing well now and how things are now better than ever. His last years income was bigger than it was when he had money. He told Lincoln of his interest on bringing her sister fro America to keep the house for him. This explains how Charlie is starting to get life over again.
Charlie is responsible now on his drinking habit. Earlier on he used to spend most of the time in bars where he wasted a lot of money. He remembered when giving thousand-franc notes to an orchestra and hundred-franc notes given to a door man for calling a taxi. He has changed to drink everyday which leads him to deny Marions cocktail offer. This astonishes Marion but she hopes that Charlie will stick to that character. In this paragraph we see that Charlie has become responsible enough compared to olden days when he used to squander a lot of money.
Charlie is showing much love to her daughter that he is determined give her anything she wishes for that day. He offers to take her to vaudeville and later on to the toy store. Her daughter seems to understand the financial situation they were in and considers only going to the vaudeville. Charlie was strict in the past but now he reached for new tolerance because he has to be the mother and father of her daughter. Charlie indulges her daughter in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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