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How does Generation Gap affect the society in the United States - Term Paper Example

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This ensures healthy relations and societal responsibility among a populous in any society. It is expected that the numbers in each age group balance in order to facilitate the family…
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"How does Generation Gap affect the society in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages Isolation of the younger generation from societal activities is a major impact of the generational gap in the U.S. the current century has changed the ideologies of the young and the youth unlike in the previous centuries. Technology advancements, research, and personal autonomy differentiate the ideals and methods of the young from the old (Gardner et al, 2008). The adult take upon this disparity to self-impose habits and practices to the young. Due to the gap created, the young feel compelled to rebel against the old that do not understand. This consequentially has led to isolation and other psychological disorders that leave the young prone to societal ills such as crimes, suicide and engagement in drugs.
The existence of a generational gap in the American society has led to the over-reliance of the old in important institutional positions in the societal set up. The older generation tends to be inclined to the ideologies of the young, while the former think they are always right in any capacity thinking. Political positions, important religious and educational positions are allocated to older people. Incidences of allocating the young with such positions to sharp their experience in societal responsibility are shunned away with the notion that they cannot get things done accordingly. In the event of providing the young with opportunities, the older generation individuals marginalize. The youth in the American society had been set back from the older generation from their fear of disappointment. Until recently, the youth are now compelled by the current contemporary times to come out of the older generations’ ‘shadows’ (Connerney, 2009). The young people are currently inventing influential positions in the society, thereby creating positions for the older generation to. An example is Mark Zuckerberg, the C.E.O of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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