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The availability of fast food joints in the metropolitan areas also increases the chances of people taking these as well a the fact that there are people who have eating…
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Reading Log 10
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Profesor, Reading Log How many minutes did you write in your reading log? I wrote my reading log in about forty one hour. Thereason for this is because I had to read through the work.
2. What single question of your own is your most challenging question?
My most challenging question is “why is there so much demand for fast foods even with the knowledge that these foods are not good for health”
3. Answer question #2 in 1-4 sentences.
I think the marketing by the proprietors influences the buyer’s decisions into purchasing these foods. The availability of fast food joints in the metropolitan areas also increases the chances of people taking these as well a the fact that there are people who have eating disorders and addictive habits that tend to eat these foods.
4. Summarize your 3 best ideas.
McDonalds is a major corporation that is well marketed. The management of the franchise are doing a great job and are great strategists as they have managed to make great decisions that have shaped the franchises business trends.
The franchise has stores all over the world and this serves to increase their income. They probably have fashioned and created an identity which is carried by their brand all over the world.
There are negative consequences of taking fast foods. People are aware of these but the sweet fast food overcomes their will to eat healthy. At times it might be due to circumstances and availability of the joints, but in other cases it is just a matter of eating what you like. Read More
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