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The information presented in the chapter on friendship is extremely beneficial in terms of recognizing the nature, development, and pressures encountered in establishing bonds with friends (Wood). One of the most important realizations I reckoned from reading the chapter was in…
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Reflection & Application
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September 11, Reflection and Application: Chapter 10: Friendships in Our Lives The information presented in the chapter on friendship is extremely beneficial in terms of recognizing the nature, development, and pressures encountered in establishing bonds with friends (Wood). One of the most important realizations I reckoned from reading the chapter was in the common features of friendship, specifically in the area of trust. I empathize with the experiences noted in the text where violations of trust signify an apparent end in the usual level of confidence given to a friend. There was one experience I remembered when a secret was confidently revealed to one of my closest friends, with stern warning not to reveal it to anyone. Therefore, much to my surprise, when I was talking to another friend, it slipped that the topic which was supposed to be a secret, was known to her. This only proves that my close friend committed a breach in promising secrecy to what I shared to her. From then on, although she remained a friend, the level of closeness (especially in terms of sharing controversial topics) already changed.
Similar incidents of breaches of trust were presented in the text and the same outcome was noted. What touched me most was the disclosure that people actually have different reactions and perceptions in the way trust is given. The discourse presented information which relayed that people who have had some family problems (impending divorce of parents or the way parents raise their children) affect the way children perceive other people as trustworthy. For me, it was actually very easy to give trust – until some unfortunate event, caused me to learn from the experience. Thus, the learning experience enabled me to realize that we should actually be careful in divulging private and confidential information to people, even to close friends, until such time that we have confirmed that these friends are classified as friends of the heart (or intimate friends) who last regardless of time, distance, and challenging situations.
Concurrently, another important aspect learned from the chapter was in the area of accepting friends, despite their flaws. I strongly believe that friends last because each and every one learned to accept the person for who that person truly is and does not try to change the person to fit selfish interests or desires. I also affirm that, as friends, one could say to each other comments, which could sometimes be hurting; yet, which is needed to be communicated to assist the friend in changing for the better (for her or his own good). For instance, when a friend asks how she looks with a new hair cut or with a new wardrobe, a true friend should be honest enough to say what is factual and true. However, I also believe that culture plays an important part in this aspect. Some people from very conservative cultures do not say things that would embarrass another person; meaning, it would be considered rude to be brutally frank and honest. True friends should be able to communicate (in a nice, mature and responsible manner) constructive criticisms which aim to improve the overall well-being of those we consider as friends for life.
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Wood, J.T. "Chapter 10: Friendships in Our Lives." Wood, J.T. Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters, 7th Edition. Cengage Learning, 2012. Print. Read More
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Reflection & Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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