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Besides being a poet, he is also a professor and an essayist who worn the Beatrice Hawley Award in 2005 due to his collection of poems like Here, Bullet. He was born in California at a place called Visalia and raised in…
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Download file to see previous pages He is a USA army veteran who participated in Iraq war, was deposited in Herzegovin and Bosnia. He received public attention for his book Here, Bullet that featured on the News Hour, The Verb (BBC) and The New York Times. He featured in a film called Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (Turner, 2007).
In his poem, Here, Bullet, Turner seems very exhausted about the war in Iraq such that he has given up and wants to die. The exhaustion is due to the long time spent in the war. His seems to be in great pain because he no longer wants his body. In line one, he laments that if the enemy wants the body, then they should also come for flesh, gristle and bone. He proceeds to lament that his aorta is opened up. This is a symbol of blood that he has lost during the war. He also complains that soldiers crave for adrenaline that frightens and make him nervous and fearful. The psychological effect of the war affects the victim (Turner, 2007). It seems that the effects of war are affecting him emotionally. In addition to this, the victim dares his enemies to finish what they have started. This is an indication that the victim is badly wounded and he no longer wants to live. He seems certain that he would eventually die. The war also seems to have forced the victim to starve. This is evident when he complains that the esophagus triggers his tongue to rifle what is inside him (Turner, 2007).
It would take much time and a lot of medical care to bring Turner into his normal condition. To handle his exhaustion, the victim needs to be placed in a relaxing mood. He should be allowed to have plenty of time with his friends or relatives. He should also be allowed to have a psychiatrist. His close friends would help him relax and forget the bad experiences he faced during the war. The psychiatrist would guide and counsel him so that he can overcome the emotional and psychological effects of the war. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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