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The goverment should make the guns illegal -Con - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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This follows that children may use the guns to shoot at their fellow children thus killing them.
The issue of legalization of guns has been quite a debate for a very long…
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The goverment should make the guns illegal -Con
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"The goverment should make the guns illegal -Con"

Download file to see previous pages As such, the rates of criminal activities associated with guns will reduce as much as possible. This may be critical in ensuring safety, peace and developments in the country, thereby translating to strong economy.
There are several reasons to support the issue of making the guns illegal. It is of crucial importance to note that ownership of guns is closely associated with criminal activities. For instance, most criminal activities like robbery, rape as well as suicides are always eased through the use of guns (Streissguth, 74). Making the guns illegal is the safest bet to thwarting issues of insecurity. Making the ownership of guns illegal is essential since it will reduce the chances of criminals, school bullies as well as other hooligans from accessing guns. This will prevent massive fatalities associated with such acts.
Making the guns illegal limits the possibilities of guns being in the hands of children (Lott, 75). This helps in limiting the chances of gun bullying that may result to deaths of innocent individuals. In addition, the restriction to gun ownership will greatly reduce the chances of people committing passion suicide following situational stresses (Whitney, 57).
Therefore, any move to make the guns illegal is critical in managing, preventing as well as minimizing such crime related activities involving the usage of guns. This is crucial in bringing peace as well as safety to the lives of individuals. This follows that illegalizing of guns is key in heightening security issues as well as minimizing criminal related activities involving the use of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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