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Having our say and black men and public space (education) - Essay Example

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The book is the memoir of the two sisters who faced spiteful experience in childhood but grew up to be a successful people in future. In the article “Black Man…
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Having our say and black men and public space (education)
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"Having our say and black men and public space (education)"

Download file to see previous pages The African American life is detailed in these stories. The stories have a purpose of promoting the value of education and knowledge in life. Getting less chance to acquire education in childhood the two sisters were motivated to get highly educated in future
In the story, the sisters were having hindrance in getting education because of their black race, They had to face discrimination from white people however they stood through all bad experience and went on to get highly educated and created a niche for themselves in the society . In same way, Staple is also educated and understands that he is mistaken for a criminal because white has a misconception of Africans that they are of dubious or immoral nature. Both the story tells that education change the way we contemplate issue. The authors being educated became strong about their identity and personality and were proud of their race. Staple being an educated person always remained calm and relaxed to all negative reaction from white people. Staple chose to perhaps unconsciously, to remain a shadow-timid, but a survivor ( Staple). Both the sisters and Staple think that education can be a weapon with which we can shield any attacks from discriminative people. They show us that education and hard work can overcome poverty .
The education has changed the attitude of all the characters in the stories. The sisters acquired high education and they get good profession too. It was courageous during that time in history for women to be educated when there was no reason for blacks to be educated ( Delany 5) . They give a message that people need to get educate and fight for their rights. The negative remarks from people should not stop us from achieving our goals. Life is supposed to be something which needs to be constructed with education and hard work. The sisters are a role model to all young black people who face discrimination at educational institution. The sisters Bessie and Sadie think that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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