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Unforgettable trip - Essay Example

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Peter’s journey is quite difficult to believe, especially because travelling across the country at that time was extremely difficult without modern equipment. Even if it would be now possible, there is a risk of developing many diseases like malaria. There is also a…
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Unforgettable trip
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"Unforgettable trip"

Download file to see previous pages Where there is no language barrier, travelling to other countries gives one a chance to make discoveries and have experiences, either good or bad. For instance, I have experienced what the United States of America, France, Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia all have to offer in terms learning about the ways of the people, traditions and customs. Learning new cultures is interesting and informative, as something acceptable in one’s culture may be unacceptable in another, or even a taboo, punishable by despicable means like death.
My story started on 12th December, having finished the Mathematics exam at Middle Tennessee State University. The feeling of having completed the exam was truly refreshing. My friends and I drove to the Nashville International Airport, took our tickets and waited for the flight to Atlanta, Georgia, that was scheduled for 5.05 PM Central European Time. After a long time waiting, we finally got on the plane, quite excited. The flight would take almost twenty six hours; this was going to be truly unforgettable. However before the plane could take off, the captain announced that the flight had been delayed for an hour. This is the beginning of this incredible story.
With the flight delayed, I was extremely disappointed, as I only had a few days break before resuming my studies. I was extremely bored. To pass time, I decided to have fun on my Ipad, while having a cold Coke. After a thirty minute wait, we were notified via another announcement that we would be air bound after fifteen minutes. We landed in Atlanta, Georgia after an hour and a half. My dreams of flying were almost shattered as I learnt that the next flight would be through Amsterdam, as I don’t speak Dutch. That notwithstanding, I only had ten minutes to get to the connecting plane and had to take a train to get me through the vast airport to the boarding gate. I got to the gate in less ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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