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However, I believe, that even though money is not everything, but it ranks up to the level of oxygen! Receiving one million dollars opened countless doors…
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Spend the money
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How will I spend one million dollars? Philosophers focus on the evil roots of wealth and the lust for money, dwelling on the notion that money is not everything. However, I believe, that even though money is not everything, but it ranks up to the level of oxygen! Receiving one million dollars opened countless doors of opportunities to fulfill the desires and dreams that were left untouched because of financial restrictions.
The first thing I would like to do with my money is to build a dream house where I can live with my family. I had always wanted an exquisitely constructed house, with a lush green front garden and a spacious backyard. I will consume a sufficient portion of the money to provide my family with a comfortable and stunning place to live in.
Money does not stay with you forever, even if it is a million dollar tax free amount. Hence, I would indeed try to set up a business of my own that would be a source of constant backup. This would help to maintain financial stability in my life. Moreover, I want to be a part of a business project that is stable and permanent for avoiding financial irregularities.
Although, I will give preference to my personal needs and desires at first, but I would also like to give away a portion of the money to various projects that support and care for the orphans. It is of utmost importance that in times of happiness and gratification, we should remember those who are in need of compassion and support. Giving money to the orphan supporting organizations will indeed be a source of fulfillment. Another issue that I strongly feel for is the current state of Syrians in refugee camps. Numerous families have left their homeland, amidst bullets and bombings, to refugee camps waiting for support and rehabilitation. I will give a handsome amount of money to the Syrian refugees’ restoration to improve the quality of the life and to ensure that they receive the basic necessities of life. Read More
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