Argument Essay, 1. I believe Existence of God. 2. God does not exist. For example, like The Ontological Argument - Research Paper Example

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The supporting arguments of the thesis are; true believers experience the grace of God, faith hastens the process of realizing God, and God’s existence is independent. Most Americans believe in God. The idea of God has been…
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Argument Essay, 1. I believe Existence of God. 2. God does not exist. For example, like The Ontological Argument
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"Argument Essay, 1. I believe Existence of God. 2. God does not exist. For example, like The Ontological Argument"

Download file to see previous pages It would be no exaggeration to contend that human thought has been seized with the idea of God, from times immemorial (Safa and Ahmadi D1).
Substantiations relating to the existence of God constitute some of the enduring features of philosophical discussion. Some of the classifications of the corroboration of God’s existence are those that are conceptual or dependent upon aspects of the created order (Cumming 3).
It is a mystery, as regards the manner in which supernatural faith interacts with human beings. The highest knowledge relating to God that can be derived solely from philosophical considerations has been defined as the preambles of faith or the praeambula fidei. The few individuals who experience the act of belief, do not find these preambles of faith to be exceedingly enigmatic. These fortunate individuals have testified that the true believer enjoys the grace, which can be termed the intelligence provided by faith (Grzesik 258).
It is indeed faith that induces one to seek God and thereby admit one’s shortcomings. As a consequence, individuals are enabled to comprehend that help from the Lord is essential to avail of the benefits provided by Him and to transform the intellect to understand the higher truths. This entire process of transcendence is critically dependent upon faith (Grzesik 259).
Arguments that support or oppose the existence of God can be classified as deductive or inductive. Ostensibly, the existence of God tends to be difficult to establish, despite several of the atheists being rational human beings. This state of affairs has been attributed to certain ontological assumptions regarding the nature of the world and the nature of God (Crutcher 430).
Presumptions regarding the existence or non – existence of God, tend to possess a circular nature. This is due to the fact that such arguments attempt to establish their hypothesis by making an assumption regarding the non – existence or reality of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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