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Exam question/ In what ways did slave trade impact on Africans - Essay Example

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This disgusting phenomenon made Africa the poorest country in the world. Moreover, it created an ideology that influenced Africans greatly and negatively.
First, slave trade…
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Exam question/ In what ways did slave trade impact on Africans
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Download file to see previous pages This feeling affected all the next generations of Black people. The abolition of slavery did not improve the situation of blacks much. They appeared in the world where white people had all the privileges, because of the color of their skin. When all the horrors of slavery ended at last, the horror of racism started. Blacks still were despised, moreover the feeling of inferiority made them believe that they are really inferior. The doll tests showed that black children still considered white skin to be the privilege. Only the last test held in 2010 showed more positive results.
Transported to another country against their own wish, blacks had to live among foreign people who despised them. That influenced their self-esteem and made them feel inferior. Unfortunately, the feeling of inferiority still persists among blacks. Moreover, they continue to suffer from racism. We should hope that in the nearest future the situation will greatly improve as currently the political and social conditions are favorable for this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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