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This is best seen in the economic, political and social aspects of the United States since its pre-colonial era to today. Any legacy of the Americans is defined by skin color,…
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the history of Asians is another example how race influences American identity especially on the exclusion act of 1882 (Carter 1). The few examples provide evidence on the significance of race in the United States. Race is the variable content that matters most in the United States. Race has shaped itself as the most visible of all cultural differences in the United States. In addition, it has contributed to racial discrimination and bigotry (Carter 1). Moreover, it acts as a means of social inclusion and exclusion to members of a race. This term has also been used as a determinant of social status. This paper seeks to focus on how valuable is the race to the American identity.
The important of the race to the American identity is clearly identified from how people from different races are treated. This is seen on the racial status of individuals. In America, individuals have been defined by where they are going rather than what they have been. However, achievements should matter rather than origin. The American dream was that people should be able to participate as equals no matter their background. However, this dream has been thwarted and has led to fragmentation of society since its earliest days. In fact, racial classification leads to disregard of the achievements ideals. For example, the non-whites, whatever their achievements, have been unable to change their racial status (Martin 549). This has been evident since the onset of the civil rights movement. For these reasons, we aspire for the day when all Americans will be treated equally without considering their race. As Martin Luther king puts it, he has a dream where everybody will be treated equal (Martin 549). He also notes that one day there will be equal treatment in various aspects of the society primarily on education and transportation system. This has led to implementation of legislation to protect individuals from those who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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