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This is shown by Roger Jack in his story “An Indian Story”. Aunt Greta’s family is an outstanding example in this story. Roger fully connects to her family when he runs away from home and seeks refuge at his…
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Download file to see previous pages Roger’s extended family is mentioned several times in the story. Specifically, Roger talks about his aunt, grandma, and grandpa. The relationship between these people is close, especially the one between Roger and his aunt. When Roger runs away from home, his aunt welcomingly takes him in. a caretaking activity is seen through this. Moreover, Aunt Greta brings Roger up with the permission of his father. The relationship between Roger and his aunt is one based on solidarity. They understand one another’s way of life, thus living their lives in coherence. Aunt Greta treats Roger like a child of her own. She tries to bring him up in the best way she can. Even after running away from home and having been brought up by Aunt Greta, Roger has a close relationship with his dad.
The family unit can be the simplest form possible, but it can also turn out to be the most sophisticated in the world. Different families observe different ways of life, but the common denominator is that each family is unique in its own way. The America society is held to have the most organized family unit. However, this assumption does not apply to all American families. As a matter of fact, it is outright possible to find a family unit outside America that outperforms the American context of family organization. In other words, it is relatively difficult to define organization in a generalized context.
On the other hand, proving family solidarity and caretaking activities is easy and open. Roger’s nuclear and extended family relates in a manner that promotes their relational welfare. There is a sense of family responsibility across Roger, his mom, dad, aunt, grandpa, and grandma. In this respect, the uniqueness of the family setup lies in the lifestyle and activities involved in the day to day life of all the persons involved. Notably, it is hardly possible to come by family units that run the same way. Individual diversity within and without the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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