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Scott Momaday’s vivid depictions in The Culture and Way to Rainy Mountain are an idealized presentation of his Native American Kiowa tribal heritage and culture. The author Momaday uses very descriptive language in forms of metaphors to describe his view point that life…
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Culture and The Way to Rainy Mountain
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02 February, The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday-A Narrative Search Complete. Friday. 01 February N. Scott Momaday’s vivid depictions in The Culture and Way to Rainy Mountain are an idealized presentation of his Native American Kiowa tribal heritage and culture. The author Momaday uses very descriptive language in forms of metaphors to describe his view point that life flowed forth from Rainy Mountain. His language is very detailed to the point of letting your imagination take flight as you read the words and expound their meanings. From the green grass of the meadows to damp display of the wet rainy weather, the story epitomizes the abject stylization of the mysticism of Rainy Mountain. Momaday presents traditional Kiowa concepts found in myths, and expresses their beauty to the readers very vividly and very intentionally. He uses the descriptive language of the story to help create a trail of litany that reflects a journey into the heart of Kiowa culture which is the antecedent and ultimate benefactor of the aura of Rainy Mountain.
The dichotomy between these perspectives offers the readers a means of lifting the veil on Kiowa culture as a living entity that sees the beauty in all of nature. Momaday juxtaposes his personal memories of living in harmony with nature and inter-laces those with traditional tribal narratives to create an impression of the idyllic Kiowa way of life that is in complete symmetry with the mystical beauty of the land. His descriptive narrative is a proverbial trail back to his childhood He waxes nostalgically about his early childhood life with his grandma and how the simplicity and the warmth of that life eclipsed the modern world. As the story draw to a close Momaday uses the symbology of his dead grandmother to depict the hollow emptiness he finds at the end of his journey back to Rainy Mountain. Read More
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