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The evalution of copycats impact in market - Essay Example

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Mainly, this encompasses utilizing “similarity” strategy with an intention of swaying clients’ decisions while shopping. Hence,…
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The evalution of copycats impact in market
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Download file to see previous pages ?? premise encompassed high-similarity copycats would loose while the subtle copycats gain in the presence of a leader brand (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012). Since, the clients will be capable of making critical comparisons backed by former theories, which they have regarding the leader brand. Therefore, the article’s authors hypothesized that “shopping situation” usually avails consumers with an ample time meant to explicitly compare copycat brands with the leader, whereby the blatant lose and the subtle copycats gain (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012). To prove this hypothesis, the authors utilized both comparative and noncomparative evaluations to ascertain which copycats’ category would gain or lose under each test (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012).
Results indicated that, moderate-similarity copycats gained under comparative evaluation contrary to high-similarity copycats because leader brands acted as their standard measures (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012). Conversely, high-similarity copycats gained under noncomparative evaluation whereas the moderate or subtle lost due to the assimilation aspect (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012). In the latter test, there was no leader brand meant for comparison, hence the clients ended up suggesting the high-similarity copycats being close to the standard brand (Van Horen & Pieters, 2012).
In conclusion, despite a recent court ruling declaring reputation riding is unacceptable, subtle copycats will still benefit without the leader brands’ corporations prosecuting them (Van Horen & Pieters, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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